Terms and Conditions

Film Submissions

  • By submitting your film to Madeleine Shorts, and if selected by our committee, you agree to the showcasing of your film on the website, available for public viewing. Your name and content might appear in public search engine results.
  • You have obtained all necessary media release forms for people who appear in your content and your film. Download our media release form here
  • By providing us with links to your social media accounts and/or personal websites, you agree to having them appear on our website for the purpose of visitors to access your online presence.
  • Madeleine Shorts is a catalog of films that have first been submitted, then selected by our committee. The films live on the website, but links to individual films or to the website itself might be shared on Madeleine Shorts’ social media pages or via other platforms to help garner awareness of the site.
  • You own the rights to your work.
  • Madeleine Shorts will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party in regards to the streaming of your film.
  • Madeleine Shorts has the right to remove your film at any time without notification, at the discretion of the committee.